The management team at OSGI offer our clients service in all facets of security work ranging from static and mobile patrols through to alarm responses and tactical situations including surveillance and crowd/event control.

We are an organisation with skills and experience to match the best in the industry. Our commitment to you is to provide only the best quality service, personnel and advice to meet your needs. All our personnel have undergone the most rigorous selection process and are all fully trained, certified and capable. We maintain a flexible approach to meeting your needs and will accommodate specialized requirements to ensure you always get what you want.

In respect to your customer base all our operatives are trained not only to provide full security awareness but also to maintain good public relations with all of your staff and most importantly your present and future customers. Our aim is to provide you with cost effective security to allow you to concentrate on your business activity with the knowledge and complete assurance that your security concerns are comprehensively addressed.