OSGI provides cleaning services to a diverse range of organisations continually maintaining a clean and tidy environment across Australia. We provide a broad range of cleaning services tailored to your needs on a national basis. With our solid commitment to providing the highest level of quality service and a “can do” attitude, we have established long-standing client relationships and a trusted reputation within the industry.

Our team of directly-employed staff are highly experienced, some with over 20 years in the industry, and are well-informed of the latest industry trends and environmentally sustainable practices.
Our senior managers adopt a hands-on approach to managing your site and will collaborate with you to enable us to cater to your unique facilities needs with efficiency. Our 24-hour national operation centre provides you with an immediate and direct point of contact at any time of the day.

As part of our service delivery promise we will:

  • Protect the environment through the use of organic and sustainable products
  • Support the economy through the choice of locally sourced materials and consumables
  • Sponsor small/medium enterprises and employ local staffMeet all regulations regarding employment conditions, WHS, Environmental compliance, community engagement and social responsibility